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Business Achiever's Winner

Dunnie’s Plumbing was established in 1993 providing primarily plumbing maintenance and construction based activities. Over the years we have grown considerably as a company now servicing the general public, commercial and civil organisations. We have won “The Outstanding Business Achiever Award” six times being in 1998, 2000, 2001, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Plant & Equipment
We ensure our delivery of service by the purchasing of plant and equipment, tools of the trade and a vast range of stock and materials held both at our depot and in our vehicles. This has allowed us to improve our efficiency, productivity and time management. Dunnie’s Plumbing now has the following plant and equipment:  excavators, bobcats, tippers, drain camera / locators, drain jetters, Elevated Work Platforms, and more, so that an emergency can be attended to without having to outsource necessary equipment or contractors. We also have equipment for concrete cutting and removal, sludge pumps, electric eels, safety barricade, harness and height equipment etc.

Policies & Procedures
Dunnie’s Plumbing has been successful over the years by the development of many policies and procedure including but not limited to, Quality Assurance System, Environmental Management System, Workplace Health and Safety Management System, Green Procurement Policy, Work Method Statements and many more. We also became National Code of Practice Compliant allowing us to fulfil any government contract.

Workplace Health & Safety
Dunnie’s Plumbing places a high emphasis is on Workplace Health and Safety. All work is undertaken in accordance with the current workplace health and safety regulations. We aim to be an influential leader in the fields of occupational health, safety, and injury management. We are proud of the fact that we have a strict Safety Culture and will continue to educate, manage, review and implement new policies and procedures to keep us in line with current requirements and ahead of our competitors.

Environmental Management
Dunnie’s Plumbing is committed to a clean, healthy environment. We are committed to environmental excellence and continual improvement of our environmental management system. Dunnie’s Plumbing will continue to contribute towards sustainable procurement by sourcing/supply of sustainable products, recycling waste materials, with a commitment to greenhouse emission reduction.

Key Performance Indicators
Dunnie’s Plumbing is well aware of, and currently fulfil the key performance indicators, response times, occupational heath and safety, job status reporting, invoicing requirements, and all relevant insurances and permits required by its current contract providers. All work is undertaken in accordance with the required procedure as specified by both our current policies and procedures and that required by our contract providers.


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